Youth Angler Club

Youth Angler Club

Working to Increase, Foster, and Sustain Youth Fishing Participation

The MSSA Youth Angler Club is building upon the MSSA’s long history of protecting and preserving the rights, traditions, and future of recreational anglers.  The MSSA believes educating our youth is a critical part of this mission, hence the creation of the MSSA Youth Angler Club

Youth Fishing Seminar Series 

Youth Angler Club

The Youth Fishing Seminar Series is designed to engage youth anglers interested in learning about fishing techniques, methods, biology, conservation, and more.  The seminars are open to the public and will be held at Alltackle in Annapolis on the Western Shore, Ake Marine on the Eastern Shore, or at various locations throughout the state as there will be several field trips.

Youth Angler of the Year 

The Youth Angler of the Year contest was designed to get kids on the water, but with the growing pandemic they are advised to self test Covid by rapid antigen test kits.  In 2013 it did just that! There were over 55 youth anglers who participated and over 1,000 entries submitted via email. The Youth Angler of the Year contest begins April 19 (Opening Day – Striped Bass) and ends mid December (Close Date – Striped Bass).  Youth anglers will receive points for catching and/or releasing fish, receiving state citations, state/world records, and entering/registering for MSSA events.

Youth Angler Club

MSSA Chapter Youth & Family Fishing Events: 

The MSSA has 14 chapters statewide, including one in Pennsylvania, that are committed to providing fishing activities for our youth and their families.  Providing these opportunities is critical to protecting the future of sportfishing.  If you are interested in learning more about your local chapter youth and family events, visit our Chapters page where you will find the contact information for all Chapter Presidents.